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Zentrum für rationelle Energieanwendung und Umwelt - ZREU (abbr.)

ZREU’s main objectives are:

  • the efficient use of energy and resources;
  • the implementation of renewable energies on a broad basis;
  • the development and demonstration of new technologies for rational energy generation and use;
  • to facilitate the financing of projects using regional, federal and EU funds;
  • to actively influence technological progress and innovation.
Quality, Neutrality and Innovation

Due to a flat hierarchy we are able to act fast and to meet further challenges in the energy markets. Long-term relationships with its clients and world-wide co-operation with leading scientific institutes are the key elements which help ZREU achieving its aims.

This means especially:

  • working on a partnership basis with customers;
  • providing comprehensive advice;
  • striving for joint solutions;
  • fair project planning and engineering;
  • firm management of national and international projects;
  • competent assistance to assure additional project financing.

Inspiring concepts, advanced technologies and convincing solutions

ZREU is a national and international acting consultancy and engineering company devoted to provide custom-tailored services to a broad variety of public and private clients.

Special areas of expertise:

  • Efficient energy generation and use
  • Renewable energy sources
  • Development and demonstration of innovative energy concepts and technologies
  • Project development
  • Urban development

Consulting and concepts


  • Building equipment and energy systems - auditing, analysis, assessment and advice
  • Efficient energy generation and use - concepts and feasibility studies
  • Urban energy concepts for climate protection
  • Financing / TPF, tariffs &  supply contracts (natural gas, electricity, heat supply, ...)
  • CO2-emission trading / national allocation plan (inventories and balancing, CDM- / JI-projects, ...)

Areas / technologies:
Geothermal energy systems (ground-coupled heat pumps, electricity generation and heat networks), district heating systems, cogeneration, combined heat and power units, biomass, solar systems (solar-thermal and photovoltaics), building climatisation, heat recovery, heat pumps / refrigeration

Planning, design and engineering


  • Project design and conception
  • Implementation planning and engineering
  • Tender documents and bid evaluation
  • Project management, site supervision

Areas / technologies:

  • Technical building equipment:
    Heating systems, domestic hot water supply, ventilation, air conditioning and cooling, natural gas, water supply and waste water, measurement, control and monitoring technology
  • Energy generation and use:
    Heating systems, combined heat and power plants, heat pump systems, district heating networks, energy management systems
  • Renewable energy sources / innov. applications:
    Geothermal energy – heating and cooling based on hydrothermal resources, biomass – wood chips and pellets, biogas, biofuels, solar systems – solar-thermal and photovoltaics, activation of constructional building elements

to be applied at:

  • Schools, gymnasiums
  • Spas (indoor, thermal and leisure spas)
  • Administrative and municipal buildings, hospitals etc.
  • Industrial and commercial buildings

International projects and support schemes


  • RUE* and RES** implementation plans and strategies, mapping and analysis of markets and technology status
  • Elaboration of fundraising strategies and plans - advice about project funding granted within national and international support programmes
  • Project screening and proposal development - grant writing, applications in response to EC calls and tenders
  • Co-ordination and management of complex multi-national projects
  • Evaluation of proposals, projects and programmes
  • Education and training, publication of technical brochures and handbooks
  • Technology transfer and marketing, organisation of conferences, workshops and site visits
  • Awareness raising and targeted promotional campaigns

* Rational Use of Energy
Renewable Energy Sources 

Our clients enjoy the privilege of custom-tailored solutions

ZREU’s clients are:
local or regional administrations, municipalities, districts, cities, national and international donor organisations (European Commission, etc.), governmental institutions, selected industry and trade branches, SMEs active in science and technology, private investors.

Due to its long-lasting involvement in co-operative projects and its multidisciplinary work ZREU benefits from a well functioning network of local, regional and international partners contributing specific expertise in special fields.

ZREU is a foundation member of the "Energieforum Bayern" (Bavarian Energy Forum), which was established by the Bavarian State Minister for Economic Affairs, Transport and Technology, Dr. Otto Wiesheu, is member of the European Forum for Promotion of Renewable Energy Sources EUFORES and acts as Organisation for Promotion of Energy Technologies appointed by the European Commission, Directorate Energy and Transport.

More than ...

  • 100  energy concepts for public buildings, industry and commerce;
  • 50   realised EU-projects;
  • 30   international publications/reports;
  • 20   international RTD projects.

Since 15 years ZREU is a designated EU-institute for promotion of energy technologies and innovation. Country experiences and partnerships have been established in all EU-25 countries and beyond (China, India, South-Africa, Indonesia, Bolivia, Mongolia etc.).

We invite you to inspect sample projects to gain a first-hand impression of ZREU's expertise and state-of-the-art solutions in the following sectors:

  • Consulting and concepts
  • Planning, design and engineering
  • International projects and support schemes
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